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Project Description

RSD7 – Visual exhibition

The multi-faceted nature of information brought the society towards a radical change, especially in this era where data production and collection are reaching levels that could not even be imagined until a few years ago. From relations to components, from process to systems, the importance to make these elements more visual became essential to enable new scenarios, innovative systems, and creative mindset in an educative and formative way.
The ability to collect, cross-check, visualize and study quantitative and qualitative information about phenomena and their patterns is itself at the core of the project, becoming strategic for enabling new systems thinking and their design application. Identifying the relationship between components, thus guaranteeing personal expression, horizontal communication and visual thinking, is the first step to enhance a more conscious and transparent decision-making process with a perspective of sustainability.

L’esibizione è curata da Paolo Tamborrini, Chiara L. Remondino e Barbara Stabellini, all’interno della conferenza RSD7.

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