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The approach

The approach of our methodology overturns the technocentric vision in favor of the systemic one, bringing the focus of the project on the relationships between users and the context in which they live.


This aspect emphasizes the investigation of the need or the problems of an innovative project. This is an innovative project, in which the fulfillment of development needs becomes the theme of the project design.


Within the sustainability aspect, the need identify relates to the resources and the territory or context of implementation. The systemic approach guides both the analysis and the formulation of the final objectives that seek the balance between the social, economic and environmental sphere that sustainable innovation must pursue.


Through the feasibility, the aspects of the project meet with the real possibility of development. This focus borrows the approach and tools typical of the entrepreneurial mindset capable of making economic needs dialogue with the consequent business models and the actual operational possibilities dictated by technological, productive and design feasibility.

The project path

The Innovation Design Lab designs and experiments innovative initiatives through an innovative design process laboured, formulated and implemented within our department.

Through a process divided into three main phases, it is possible to translate the collection, analysis and visualization of users and territorial data into an innovative concept and drive its development into a realization of a sustainable innovation.


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