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Our mission

Our mission is to realize and promote innovative and sustainable projects through the relationships between the different contexts and the actors present on a territory.

The Innovation Design Lab acts to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge and practices on the world of innovation between the university and the territorial network. Thanks to these relationships, the laboratory is able to support public bodies and entrepreneurial entities in the design and manage products, services and knowledge in the innovative field.

Design Value

The multidisciplinary skills within the Innovation Design Lab allow its team to act in several environments by responding to all levels of contemporary innovation challenges showed in the world of products, communication and services.

The lab draws experience and know-how through pioneer experimentation and research in the innovation design field with a double purpose. In one side allows the lab to transfer real and pragmatic value in the innovation development process of new or small and medium-sized enterprises with which it collaborates.

In the other hand, the lab promotes through the training and dissemination, in academic and non-academic circles, the culture of good practices on the innovative and sustainable action.

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